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The time has come.  Where one path ends, another begins.  Let’s see where we can continue this journey together!

There is a tenderness in letting go of Tanya’s Healing Hands, a business that was built on so much love.  You and I have explored that venture together, either through retreats, massage or yoga;…the intentions, the learning, the growth.

Our connection need not be lost.  Are we connected on Facebook?  Instagram?  If not reach out and let’s connect there.  My number is going to be the same.  So give me a call or shoot me a text.  I am still going to be available to lead retreats.  Do you have a group that wants to put something together?  Let’s chat and see what our options are.  I don’t have any ‘up north’ retreats planned as of now, but I will let you know when I do.

Did I ever tell about my book?  My book has been hibernating for the past year and looking at coming out to play, too….I will let you know the progress as it unfolds.

There is excitement in a new beginning.  Learning new things, new places, new people, planting new gardens and walking new paths.  As I transition ‘up north,’ Tanya’s Healing Hands will no longer be a massage therapy business.

I learned so much over the years that I launched and nurtured the business with the support of my staff, clients, family and friends.  Some of that knowledge is unique.  Some of it is quirky, as a result of succeeding in a small town.  But all of that knowledge is valuable to others who have the same dream I did.

My focus is shifting to the business of coaching and mentoring massage therapists and other wellness providers on their practice.  A new website will be unveiled soon and the launch of an online program is not far behind.  My program will cover the nuts and bolts of running a business with a generous dose of self-reflection and spiritual journeying.  These, I’ve learned, are the keys to being able to soar into personal success.

It may not seem like it, but it has been over a year since this process started.  Many of you witnessed it with me.  So whether it felt like it went fast or took forever, with a tinge of sadness (I admit), I have to say the time has come.




Tanya’s Healing Hands



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