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As a life coach, author, healer and teacher, I create sacred spaces and experiences where people can learn, explore and enhance their lives. My relaxed presentation style helps participants to feel whole and “enough”, open to the options of being, not always doing.

Whether it’s a weekend retreat or short program, I help them transform their health and relationships for life’s journey ahead.



Migraine Freedom: 3 Keys to Break the Chain of Pain

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*Have you ever missed out on important and special events because you have had a migraine?
*Have you needed to leave work early or call in sick because of migraines?
*Are you tired of struggling through migraine pain while trying to enjoy your life?
In this class I am going to share with you 3 Keys to Decrease the Intensity and Frequency of your Migraine Pain.

You will be on your way to Gaining Freedom from your Migraine Pain.

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