“Before I came to Yoga class with Tanya I knew very little about yoga and what I did know gave me the opinion that it have to be a very lame excuse for exercise. I have a long history of sciatic nerve pain and general joint discomfort. After a few sessions I have had more relief from my pain than from physical therapy, massage and chiropractic care. I have always been flexible, but this takes it to a new level. And now after regularly attending class I feel like I have found just what my body has been in need of. It’s not just stretching. It’s also strengthening.”

~Julie W.

“…It was worth every mile I had to drive!”

~Marla S., Willmar MN

“Who would have thought that after living in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Tennessee … Renville, Minnesota at Tanya’s Healing Hands would be my ‘happy place’”.

~Greg L., Olivia MN

“…I enjoyed the morning very much and came away with a very good feeling. Enjoyed being with an inspiring group of ladies.”


Joyful Living with Grace and Ease Retreat

“The retreat was a beautiful experience, a wonderful mix of input and sharing, of quiet stillness and active participation, of thoughtful reflection and even some silly fun.”


“Before going to the retreat I was feeling overwhelmed with life and looking for the opportunity to quiet my mind and soul. After the retreat I am rejuvenated. Excited to return home with refreshed focus and new goals.”

~Patrice L.

Tanya’s Healing Hands


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